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Researcher | Regenerative Futurist | Business Designer | Teacher | Coach

The Future Is Regenerative

The future isn’t something we have to sit around waiting for, because it doesn’t just happen to us. It is something we create with all the actions that we take.  With the current problems we are facing, like climate change, inequality, and environmental degradation, we have realised that just being sustainable is not enough. Regeneration is essential. People and communities must reach their full potential in order to serve as sources of renewal for all life on Earth. We should approach problem solutions in a way that takes into account the interconnected needs of people and the planet are. 

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Regenerative Transformation

Regenerative transformation is a process of healing and growth that allows us to move beyond our past traumas and experiences and create a new, healthier versions of ourselves. The integration of different parts of ourselves – the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and behaviours – into a cohesive whole, brings us back to our true nature as human beings, enabling us to focus on the importance of our purpose and authentic living.

Regenerative Solutions

Regenerative thinking is a way of approaching problems or challenges by focusing on finding solutions that not only address the immediate issue, but also work to improve or regenerate the underlying systems or conditions that contributed to the problem. It involves looking beyond just the symptoms of a problem and instead seeking to understand and address the root causes, with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable solutions. 

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We can’t change the future without changing ourselves. Through my coaching courses, I help individuals bring about significant change to their personal lives, where I help them envision personal futures and empower them with the tools, skills, mindsets and behaviours to achieve them.

  • Trauma Healing & Empowerment Talks & Workshops
  • Regenerative Transformation Courses
  • Personal Futures Talks & Workshops


Much of my work is about expanding people’s minds and visions. Through my keynote presentations, I help people envision futures that are radically different from the path we are currently on, and are socially just, equitable and regenerative. It is about meeting the evolution of technology with the conscious evolution of the human.

  • Regenerative Design
  • Regenerative Design in Specific Industries
  • Regenerative Futures
  • Regenerative Business
  • Humans + Technology
  • Indigenous Futures


We need more conscious and purposeful businesses that can understand problems, explore new ideas and find regenerative solutions to problems. I help them explore the ambiguous and unfamiliar, using a combination of Innovation, Futures Thinking, Design Thinking, and research frameworks and methods, across industries such as Education, Health, Professional and Public Services.

  • Start-up incubation and accelerator program design
  • Innovation & Solution Design Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship & Start-up Coaching
  • Research, Innovation & Business Design Services

Where I add value

Start with yourself

Imagine the possibilities

Create the future we want

What if the things you healed from made you stronger helped you live with purpose?

Empowering individuals to take ownership of their own growth and development, effects positive change and renewal in their lives, communities, and the environment. We do this by processing trauma and changing maladaptive mindsets, behaviours, and habits, as well as adopting new skills and abilities to become more conscious humans.

What if we could live in a world where technology helped us be better humans and our systems supported all life?

The current global economic system is unsustainable and because of this, we must shift our focus to regenerative practices in order to build a more resilient, equitable, socially just and sustainable futures for all. 

What if we could take action today to create things we needed for the world we want to live in tomorrow?

The days of profit-at-all-costs businesses are over.  Regenerative entrepreneurship embodies a holistic and systemic approach based on natural life principles. They focus on the restoration of resources and serve the entire ecosystem and the living systems embedded within it. 

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