The future doesn’t just happen to you. You have to create it. If you’ve ever felt lost, stuck, tired of making the same mistakes, or wasting your time, you’re not alone. I help you reclaim your path by crafting a life plan that aligns with your true self and aspirations, forging more conscious personal futures. By reflecting on your human design, your strengths, passions, and values, we co-create a roadmap that guides you toward personal fulfilment and purposeful living. Create a life you love and leave a lasting legacy.  

  • Find Your True Path: Reflect deeply on your human design, your past patterns, your strengths, passions, and values to move forward.
  • Purposeful Living: Create a customised purposeful roadmap that guides you towards personal fulfilment, no matter where you’ve been.
  • Structured Process: Shorten your learning curve and use our guided frameworks and tailored coaching sessions to take you through your new journey every step of the way.
  • Positive Change: Create a legacy that drives positive change and fosters long-term resilience, making the most of your renewed vision.



“As an ‘accompagnateur’, I offer support and new perspectives at crucial junctures. With over 25 years of experience in teaching, coaching, design and technology, I help you navigate the uncertainties of change, inspiring creativity and facilitating transformation.”


With 25 years of experience as a teacher and coach in design and technology, Zahara Chetty delivers keynote speeches that ignite inspiration and motivation among technology teams. Her unique blend of expertise helps teams shift their mindsets, fostering the creation of holistic solutions. Zahara’s talks focus on integrating human values with technological innovation to pave the way for more equitable futures. She opens minds to new ways of thinking and extends perspectives, equipping audiences with the tools for problem-solving in the new age.


In today’s complex world, solving problems requires the collaboration of diverse stakeholders. Zahara Chetty excels in bringing together groups from various industries, locations, and cultures to create practical, meaningful solutions. With extensive experience in development projects involving NGOs, PBOs, government institutions, corporate businesses, and community representatives, Zahara builds solutions that foster shared meaning and value.


Are you an entrepreneur with a vision to create a value-based business using new technologies? Zahara Chetty offers her expertise to help you from ideation to launch, guiding you through the processes of concepting and creating a business that fulfils your purpose and aligns with your values. Zahara acts as a trusted guide and sounding board, fostering a relationship built on trust and close collaboration and is limited to a few projects per year.

Take the first step towards designing a life and business that not only meets your needs but also propels you towards a sustainable and fulfilling future. Connect with Zahara today to discuss a collaboration that can bring your vision to life.



Interconnectedness: Acknowledge the intricate and inseparable connections between human well-being and environmental health. Recognise that thriving human societies are fundamentally dependent on vibrant, resilient ecosystems.

Symbiosis: Emphasise mutualistic relationships where human activities contribute positively to the natural world, fostering ecosystems that in turn support human flourishing.

Resilience and Adaptability: Encourage the design of systems that are not only robust in the face of change but are also capable of evolving and adapting over time, thereby supporting continuous growth and renewal.

Ethical Responsibility: Advocate for a moral imperative to design with consideration for future generations, ensuring that our actions today contribute to a legacy of ecological and social well-being.

Cultural Integration: Value the integration of indigenous knowledge and traditional ecological practices, recognising their importance in fostering sustainable and regenerative living.

Mindful Presence and Connection: Promote practices that foster a deep sense of presence and connection to place, encouraging mindfulness and a profound appreciation for the natural world. 



Zahara began programming when she was 15 and started her career as a teacher of English, Physical Science and Information Technology in South Africa. She is also a published author and poet and a creative writing mentor with Umsinsi Press. She became the Head of Department for Physical Science and Information Technology in Pretoria and taught for 9 years before leaving to join the software industry.


When she joined the software industry in 2013, she began introducing Design Psychology to the teams she worked with, through Human Centred Design and Design Thinking. After working in the  e-Education and Corporate Investment Finance fields across Africa, she started her own consulting company with a focus on Social Development and NGO projects in the MENA region.


After creating innovation hubs at various companies, and working on R&D initiatives, she trained in Futures Thinking with the IFTF . She gained a broader perspective on the trends and tools that were needed to build better solutions that were more sustainable and aligned with human values for the global communities that she served. She has since consulted with various companies globally.


Since graduating with a degree in Psychology and Anthropology in 2005, Zahara focused her passion and personal research on abnormal psychology, mental health and trauma. She has worked with NGOs in South Africa to create programs to help vulnerable populations with abuse, addiction and trauma healing. She also co-founded the marriage relationship coaching platform in Malaysia called Mysakinah in 2021.


Zahara has been involved with micro-entrepreneurship in South Africa since 2000. Starting off as an award-winning fashion designer, she has run many small business initiatives on her own. After studying Product, Business and Service Design, she has helped tech founders and entrepreneurs with launching their initiatives and developed programs for accelerators, such as the Multichoice Africa Accelerator 2023.


She joined Proximus in Belgium as a Business Design Coach and subsequently moved onto the Design Chapter Owner for Enterprise Design where she coaches and mentors a team of UX, UI, Content, and Service Designers. She continues to assist aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in developing regenerative solutions and holistic businesses.


After creating the African Futures Academy in 2020, she realised that there was a need for deeper shifts in the African and indigenous communities that she worked with, rather than just focusing on teaching them “Future Skills.” She founded to help address systemic and intergenerational issues that still prevent the next generation from living up to their potential. The focus is on personal futures and narratives.


After working on the Good Future Project with Gerd Leonhard, Zahara became more interested in Regeneration initiatives. Combining her knowledge of Culture, Design, Technology, Psychology and Innovation, she now looks at creating solutions that are regenerative and helps guide people through the transition of becoming more whole, centred and active in this space themselves. She also currently serves on the board of trustees for Gaia Education.



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