Rebels Rising: The Regenerative Entrepreneur

The world is changing rapidly, and the traditional ways of doing business are no longer effective in solving the global problems we face. As a result, there is a growing need for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are capable of thinking differently and creating regenerative businesses and solutions that promote a better future for the planet and its people.

We need a rebellious entrepreneur, someone who challenges the status quo and traditional ways of doing business, while also actively working to create a better future for people and the planet. This type of entrepreneur is driven by a deep sense of purpose and values, which guide their business decisions and practices. They are willing to take risks and challenge conventional thinking to find innovative solutions that create positive change. They believe in the power of collaboration, teamwork, and collective action to achieve their goals.

Stories From the Future: From Burnout to Bali

In 2050, the world is now a vastly different place. We are still trying to undo much of what was in the making decades ago. The tech boom of the early 21st century created a culture of instant gratification, where success was measured in billion-dollar exits and sky-high valuations. But at what cost?

Breaking the Mould: Charting a New Path for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs, we often look to Silicon Valley as the epitome of success, with a focus on creating unicorns and quick exits. Everyone and their grandmother wants to become the next Jeff Bezos. However, this narrow definition of success is no longer sufficient in our changing world. In fact, it’s downright harmful.

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