Designing a Life That Reflects You

Designing your life consciously means awakening to these destructive patterns that dim your spirit and hold you back. It’s about transitioning from being reactive to becoming proactive, from a passenger in your life to its confident pilot. Each moment offers a choice: succumb to the path of least resistance or courageously create a new path that truly reflects your deepest self and aspirations. Choosing consciously goes beyond personal healing; it involves crafting a legacy free from past burdens. This deliberate process of transformation liberates you and lays the groundwork for a future where you and those around you can thrive. By adopting this approach, you set a powerful example, demonstrating that change is possible and that each of us holds the key to our own liberation.

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Breaking the mould: Charting a new path for sustainable entrepreneurship

The world is facing some of its biggest challenges, especially in developing countries where poverty, hunger, poor health, and environmental degradation persist. Entrepreneurship has the potential to bring about innovative and sustainable solutions that can improve the lives of people and communities in these countries — but not if we continue to see the bottom of the pyramid as just another market to exploit and swoop in on, like colonial-era vultures eating up the very solutions that need time to grow.

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