Rebels rising: The regenerative entrepreneur

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It’s time for change

The world is changing rapidly, and the traditional ways of doing business are no longer effective in solving the global problems we face. As a result, there is a growing need for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are capable of thinking differently and creating regenerative businesses and solutions that promote a better future for the planet and its people.

We need a rebellious entrepreneur, someone who challenges the status quo and traditional ways of doing business, while also actively working to create a better future for people and the planet. This type of entrepreneur is driven by a deep sense of purpose and values, which guide their business decisions and practices. They are willing to take risks and challenge conventional thinking to find innovative solutions that create positive change. They believe in the power of collaboration, teamwork, and collective action to achieve their goals.

New times call for new mindsets

In addition to their passion for creating positive impact, this new breed of rebellious, regenerative entrepreneurs possess a unique set of skills and attributes that are essential for success in the new economy. They are highly adaptable, able to think critically and creatively, and can identify opportunities in complex, rapidly changing environments.

They are also able to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, and are not afraid to experiment and learn from failure. Being highly collaborative and empathetic, they are able to work effectively with diverse teams and communities to co-create solutions for the greater good. They possess a deep sense of awareness and responsibility, recognising that their actions have a direct impact on the world around them.

Overall, the rebellious, regenerative entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with, challenging the status quo and inspiring others to join in the movement for positive change. Their commitment to building a better future, coupled with their unique skills and attributes, makes them an essential part of the new economy and a driving force for a more regenerative world.

9 Thinking skills for rebel regenerators

While there are many variations and flavours of the rebellious, regenerative entrepreneur we need for the new economy, there are certain skills and mindsets that will be crucial for success. Let’s explore some of the most important thinking skills these new entrepreneurs need to possess that will lay a strong foundation for moving forward.

1. Vision: 

To be a rebel these days you have to be able to have a vision of change. You must be able to see beyond the current status quo and think big and develop a long-term vision for creating a better, regenerative future. A rebel regenerator should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and some idea of how they plan to get there.

2. Rebel mindset: 

Rebel regenerators must possess a rebellious spirit and a willingness to break old systems. They need a mindset that asks critical questions and traditional ways of doing things, and have a willingness to break the rules where necessary. They should be able to push boundaries to design and implement solutions that challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional systems, and create meaningful change at a systemic level.

3. Holistic thinking: 

The ability to think about complex problems in a comprehensive and interconnected way, understanding the interdependencies between, and respecting different systems and stakeholders — both human and non-human. This skill is important for designing and implementing holistic solutions that create positive impact across multiple dimensions.

4. Perseverance and resilience: 

The ability to persist in the face of challenges, setbacks, and failures. A rebel regenerator should have the mental and emotional fortitude to navigate obstacles and stay committed to their vision. They need to grow and become better from failures and setbacks instead of being discouraged.

5. Ethical leadership: 

The ability to lead with integrity, honesty, and transparency is severely lacking in our current economy. A regenerative entrepreneur should prioritise care and ethical considerations in their decision-making and prioritise the well-being of all stakeholders in the ecosystem, not just those that have invested money in the solution.

6. Creativity and innovation: 

The ability to generate new ideas, approaches, and solutions that challenge the status quo and drive progress. A rebel regenerator should have a creative problem-solving and innovative mindset to create new possibilities and solutions that try to solve problems at the root and not just address symptoms at the surface level.

7. Collaboration and partnership building: 

None of the problems we face today can be solved by individuals alone, so the ability to build strong relationships and partnerships with diverse stakeholders to achieve shared goals is a priority. Rebel regenerators should be able to prioritise collaboration and partnership building as a key approach for creating systemic change.

8. Cultural competence: 

In a hyper-connected world, the ability to work effectively across different cultures, understand diverse perspectives, and be sensitive to the needs of diverse communities and entities is vital.

9. Self-awareness: 

The ability to understand one’s own values, purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and biases enables a rebel regenerator to have a strong sense of self-awareness to navigate challenges, manage their own growth and development, and work effectively with others.

As we look to create a better future, it’s essential that we have the right kind of leaders and entrepreneurs to help us make the shift. If the goal of every entrepreneur is to sell their innovation and get acquired by a larger corporation, then they lose their ability to enable change and become part of the problem. To create a truly regenerative economy, we need to dismantle and replace the current economic and political systems that prioritise profits over people and the planet. This requires a willingness to challenge the traditional way of doing business and to disrupt established power structures.

While there is no doubt that these skills will be necessary for success, it’s important to remember that the most important quality of a rebellious, regenerative entrepreneur is a willingness to challenge the norm and push for change. These entrepreneurs understand that the old ways of doing things are broken and that the only way to forge ahead is to create new systems that are more sustainable, equitable, and resilient. Is your inner rebel spirit waiting to be let out? Embrace it and work towards building a better future. Together, we can create a more sustainable and equitable world, one new business at a time.  

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