UX Audit

What are the top 30 changes you can make to your website pages and mobile user experience to achieve your business outcomes? 

Why do a UX-audit?

  • A full UX analysis and assessment of your main web and mobile web user experience.
  • detailed page report with at least 30 research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified user experience issue along with a proposed solution and best practice examples from competitor sites.
  • 6 UX scorecards with detailed metrics covering Trust, Emotion, Persuasion, Behaviour, Usability and Social Impact.
  • A 1-hour video call where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the audit results and suggestions for improvements.
  • 2 follow-up calls with your UX auditor within three months for feedback on any redesigns you create, follow-up questions from your teams, etc. (30 minutes each)

Who needs a UX-audit?

  • Anyone designing sites that would like inspiration and verification of a potential redesign – before it is actually built.
  • Agencies, designers, and teams that need reassurance that they’re on the right track with their designs.
  • Anyone planning an upgrade to their site or app and looking for ways to improve their existing user experience.

What would it look like?



Cost – $3500 Lead time 4 weeks


Let me know what you’d like help with and I’ll be in touch.

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