Hi, I'm Zahara and I help design, develop and manage future-ready solutions for social and environmental impact.

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Futurist & Researcher

The future can’t be predicted, yet we have to make choices based on what is to come. Thinking about the future allows us to imagine what kind of future we want to live in and how we can get there. It’s a way of gaining new perspectives and context for present-day decisions. With a balance of intuition, imagination, data and insights, I can help you make better decisions about your preferred future. 

Imagineer & Co-creator

“With imagination, we can do better than merely adapting to a new environment — we can thrive by shaping it.” We need imagination now more than ever.  While most companies are reacting to the crises we find ourselves in, very few are even willing to explore new territories. You need creativity and imagination for that! Wrap your head around new possibilities and share your ideas with the world. Working together with one of the best digital artists I know (|my husband Liam) we can help you do just that with science fiction artwork, prototypes, illustrated books and stories.

Problem Solver, Design Thinking & Innovation Strategist

Are you looking for ways to innovate but aren’t sure what next steps to take? Are you afraid of taking the risk and jumping into something new? I can help you validate your assumptions before you invest your time and resources into a new idea or direction. Design thinking is an iterative process that you can use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test with your team.

Mental Health Advocate

Shame disappears when stories are shared in safe spaces. My aim is to tell share more of our own stories and help those who are struggling with mental distress. By creating these spaces and telling our own truths, through social media, articles, books and speaking engagements, we hope to encourage others to live their lives differently.

Climate & Biodiversity Activist

An unacceptable amount of our natural resources end up as waste. We need to expand our mindset from purely human-centred endeavours to include the consideration of sustainable economical, environmental, and social solutions that we put out into the world. By helping you imagine better futures and design more sustainable and circular solutions, we can make a shift together. 

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